Ride your lawn while loving the planet: Husqvarna Panthera Leo [Green Tech]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:42


While the futuristic contraption above (the Husqvarna Panthera Leo) is as of writing still a concept, the real thing isn’t very far off - 4-5 years says the designers, Husqvarna. The contraption, if you haven’t already figured out, is a battery operated riding mower. While push mowers that are powered by electrons are becoming more common, the riding variant is still being pursued. The heavier weight, longer mow times, and overall heavier duty use calls for greater batteries and battery technology. The benefits are your obvious gas savings, money savings, cleaner air, and happier planet. But what about the lesser known benefits that are equally as important? More info and pictures right inside.

The more secretive though equally impressive green stats include the fact that this machine is made from recycled aluminum and plastics meaning the earth can wear an even bigger imaginative smile. The Leo is a combination of “pros” from both riding mowers and zero turn mowers meaning future buyers will be getting quite the mower - something that is sure to spark “my-mower-is-cooler-than-yours” contests and spats between the green loving yard caretakers. Assuming the specs are worthwhile and can last longer than 15 minutes on a charge, would you be interested in picking up a fine piece of green tech such as this also assuming it doesn’t cost the same as a small NASA spacecraft? A new breed of yard junkies is about to be born.

Source: The Awesomer, Husqvarna

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