Microsoft giving netbook OEM’s a little bit of sticker shock

Monday, June 15, 2009 11:50

If you where a multimillion dollar netbook manufacturer who was looking forward to the next Windows OS to replace the dinosaur also known as Windows XP, you may want to either cling to XP’s dying heart beat or venture out into the unknown (linux) all together.  It seems Microsoft is on course to screw up the potential sweep Windows 7 could have on the netbook market.  Notice the could in the sentence.  The problem lays with (surprise surprise) money.  While netbook manufacturers currently pay between $15-$35 per copy of Windows XP for netbooks, the prices for Windows 7 Starter (netbook) edition are getting a rather hefty kick in the butt, up to $45-$55 per copy.  While those of you purchasing $1,000+ machines won’t even blink at the difference, those spending at most $200 on a netbook and now having to factor in an extra 25% into the cost will simply say good-bye microsoft powered netbook and hello to linux - hardly the response Big M wants…I’m assuming.  Netbook manufacturers who obviously want in on the massive upgrade Windows 7 is claimed to be are still in talks with Microsoft to bring the cost down.  Hopefully the netbook manufacturers succeed.  Are you in the market for a bottom dollar netbook?  If so, would an extra $50 sway your decision to an un-Microsoft powered unit that was cheaper?  Divulge below.


Source: Ars Technica, Image Source

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