Layar unlocks your world like it’s 2045

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 13:29
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Have you ever wondered aimlessly through town staring down at your cellphone screen wishing it were smarter to the surrounding area?  Instead of you having to enter in the criteria for places of interest the phone itself will show you in real time what is cool and what is not.  Time to celebrate folks as it appears the future hopped on the time machine and decided to pay us a visit.  Layar, an innovative and revolutionary new program developed by SPRXMobile is aiming to redo navigation and discovery like no other app has before.  It really is quite simple.  Using a phone’s built in GPS, compass, and camera, the phone will display on screen (using your camera) your surroundings.  With the help of the GPS and compass it will find out where you are and overlay that information on your live image onscreen.  Sweet!  Seriously cool stuff that seems so futuristic.  So far, Android handsets such as the G1 HTC Magic are the first up to adopt this new technology with the iPhone 3G S a “heavy interest”.  It may not be a flying car, but I think it’ll do for now.  Don’t you?


Source: Engadget

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