Handmark & Pinstack announce/release new mobile app for Smartphone users

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 8:55

Throughout the relatively short lifespan of the BlackBerry (in gadget years), PinStack has been there providing some of the best BlackBerry news around while also giving BlackBerry users a place to openly share ideas and information regarding the beloved crack devices. In recent times, Pinstack has branched out from just BlackBerries and now covers many different types of smartphones from various walks of life. Even though there was and still is a mobile version of the web site, with mobile apps becoming all the rage, it only seems right that a mobile app be released in that is more polished, feature packed, and all around more enjoyable to use than a stripped down WAP site, right? Thankfully that app is here. A joint venture between mobile giant, Handmark, and Pinstack comes together in their new smartphone mobile application. So what all does it feature? Step on in.

  • Full news stories separated by device platform
  • Customizable content using My PinStack allows users to quickly and easily view the content they access most often
  • My Keywords tab: Gives users the ability create custom content based on user-designated keywords
  • My Feeds Tab: Allows users to include custom feeds
  • Offline Support means you always have something to read
  • For the noobs: A guided tutorial helps users learn how to use the application with extensive keypad shortcuts

Download it here

I’ve been playing with the app for a good hour now and thoroughly enjoy what I’m seeing. Finally, one of the best BlackBerry Smartphone communites just became much more interesting and enjoyable to visit. How are you liking the new app?

Source: Pinstack

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