“We Are The Fallen” looking to switch up the whole music writing/distribution process

Thursday, June 25, 2009 9:34
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While wars currently rage between labels, copyright holders, RIAA-like companies, and consumers alike, a small movement may be on the verge of starting. A new band, “We Are The Fallen” has risen from the ashes that was Evanescence. While many will confuse the old and the new, Ben Moody, the co-founder of Evanescence sees the two bands as walking the path of life on this earth peacefully rather than resorting to typical celebrity drama/bashing. So what exactly is the big deal with this new band. At first glance many will more than likely confuse them for Evanescence as it is again a group of guys with a girl fronting the band. The real difference isn’t in the structure of the band, but in how they will share their creations with the rest of the world. Hint: Don’t think of “big CD releases”, instead, think of more sporadic updates. Their approach is exciting to say the least…

Many artists and bands go on tours so that people far and wide can get a taste of the real life performances that CD’s and TV just can’t reproduce. In between tours, musicians can often go missing for months on end while they write new material spending countless days and nights locked deep inside a recording studio. We Are The Fallen wants to break this trait and instead be more “open” and “involved” with their fans so that they can follow the band more closely than once thought through their music writing processes.

Instead of following the typical tour, write, release schedule where the write/release again can take many months with the band appearing to the outside world as dead, followed by a CD jam packed with 10-15 songs is no more. We Are The Fallen will instead continue the writing process while touring. Forget waiting months to years for new material. As soon as a song is completed, they will go to the studio record it and release it. See the model? Instead of a bulk of music every few years, they are going to release songs at short and sporadic intervals so that fans can feel “closer” to the band as well as keep them intrigued and interested. Not only will fans feel closer to the band, but they can get there much faster as the band plans on releasing songs immediately online for download.

We Are The Fallen has already released their first song: “Bury Me Alive” on their website, WeAreTheFallen.com, as well as their MySpace page. I personally liked Evanescence and can say that I am really liking We Are The Fallen’s sound and am excited to hear more from the band in the near future.

Those of you who have already heard “Bury Me Alive” and are aching for more don’t have to wait too long as the next song is due out in September right before the band kicks off a tour at which point song releases will come in the form of 2 new ones every 8 weeks! Gives you a reason to look forward to tomorrow doesn’t it?

If you love the immediate online distribution method the band is employing but still want to have something tangible to cart around, Moody broaches the subject that the band *may* consider an honest to goodness CD release in 2010. Features of such an earthly item could include extended versions of songs, orchestral renditions of songs, as well as live recordings and footage from their tour.

While I understand music preferences are completely subjective and vary from reader to reader, the method this band is taking, that is going online first and having physical media trailing at some point in the future is one of the biggest displays of next gen music distribution from a big name band that I have seen recently, (obviously since Radio Head….please correct me if I missed someone). I personally liked Evanescence and am excited to hear what We Are The Fallen can do as well as what they can accomplish. With their success will come more incentive for other bands to follow suit, dropping physical media, embracing digital content/the internet, and maybe, just maybe moving away from record labels. For now I’ll be content with the move away from physical media. While the progress seems slow at first, the digital vs. physical distribution method just started another battle. Who’s side are you on?


Source: CNN, Billboard

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  1. ms says:

    June 25th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    I’m so glad that I found this article! I just love Carly Smithson and wish her and the band the best of luck. i will be waiting for the album.

  2. “We Are The Fallen” looking to switch up the whole music writing/distribution process says:

    June 26th, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    [...] cross-posted from gadgetsteria.com [...]

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