Windows 7 pricing officially outted.

Thursday, June 25, 2009 8:33

I’ll start by saying that if you were hoping for Microsoft to loosely follow Apple in terms of pricing on OS upgrades on their up and coming OS releases, I’m sorry to say that considering Microsoft’s revealed pricing “loosely based” to Apple’s would be a stretch to say the least. For XP and Vista users who are upgrading, the pricing is as follows:

Upgrade Pricing:

  • Windows Home Premium Upgrade: $119
  • Windows Home Professional Upgrade: $199
  • Windows Home Ultimate Upgrade: $219.99

So the upgrade prices aren’t exactly spectacular…but it could be worse right? So how much are users who need the full install getting stuck with? All that and some juicy pre-order discount goodness right inside.

Those of you needing the full disc won’t get off so easily…

Full Disc Price:

  • Windows Home Premium Full: $199.99
  • Windows Home Professional Full: $299
  • Windows Home Ultimate Full: $319

The pricing madness doesn’t stop there folks as starting June 26th, Microsoft junkies can partially quench their windows loving thirst by pre-ordering Redmond’s latest and greatest. The greatly reduced prices are close to what I’d consider ideal…

Pre-Order Pricing (limited quantity):

  • Windows Home Premium (Pre-Order): $49
  • Windows Home Professional (Pre-Order): $99

Again, pricing is a bit disappointing. I completely understand getting paid for your work, however there isn’t anything that revolutionary in Windows 7. In all honesty it is more like a Vista 2.0 — much like Snow Leopard is an extension of Leopard, hence the dramatically lower upgrade price of only $30 vs. the buffet of options Microsoft gives you…(though that’s a completely different story). Are you happy with the revealed pricing or where you honestly looking for something a bit more reasonable/cheaper? It’s ok to raise your hand now…

Source: Engadget, Microsoft, Image Source

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