Verizon again takes top honors in call quality/speed tests

by Mike
Posted June 30th, 2009 at 12:12 pm

While AT&T and their iPhone may claim to be the top dog in the cellular marketplace, they’re nothing but an old dirty mutt gimping along on two and a half legs. Yes…it’s that bad. But hey, lets start with the good. A test conducted in 13 cities by PC World shoed Verizon pulling ahead in the mobile speed race with download speeds averaging 951Kbps with an 89.8% “uptime” (read: uninterupted performance). Sprint wasn’t that far behind passing the gates at a still brisk 808kbps and 90.5% reliability. And now for the bad….

AT&T on the other had while passing the the baton of like the fat kid huffing and puffing in gym class still managed a *slightly* faster than Sprint speed of 812kbps. However, reliability nose dived down to 62%. The situation was even worse for Orlando residents who (god help them) have to deal with 52% reliability in their neck-o-the-woods. How anyone can blatantly lie to consumers on TV with false claims on commercials about being the nations best is beyond me.

Part of AT&T’s problem is the dependence on the flaky and poor performing 1900MHz band that they use for 3G. And with all of those iPhone 3G/S users, their network sure is taking a beating. Still, these numbers give you something to mentally chew on as some of your contracts come up for renewal. Whataya gonna do?

Source: Electronista, Image Source

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