HTML 5 requirements get a little lighter

Written by: Mike, Wednesday, July 1, 2009 8:40

If you had a sibling growing up, you may remember that more often than not, actually agreeing on something together was like asking a nun to swear in church — it was something you just didn’t do. In the corporate world, such childish bickering and failure to comprimise in order to find a common solution is sadly the norm. The path to a finalized HTML 5 requirement for audio and video has unfortunately fallen to corporate drama and politics. Because of the inability of various browser developers to come to a united front and/or be willing to pay licensing fees, the required audio and video codec support requirement from HTML 5 has been dropped. To some, it may seem better to have a few browsers out of the gate get support while others are left to play catch up rather than have an undefined requirement that is open to interpretation. Hopefully all of the parties involved can come together for an agreed codec to support…and soon!

Source: Web Monkey, Image Source

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