Why merely open doors when a gadget can do it for you?

Written by: Mike, Tuesday, July 7, 2009 6:43

Gadgets are increasingly becoming common fall backs to do simple things in our everyday lives that we were once burdened with doing. Take for example the simple act of opening a door. For centuries human beings have had to open and close their own door each and every time they want to pass through. In the modern age in which we live, why the hell should we have to do that? Several decades ago the electric door came into being and brought humans their firsts taste of autonomous door opening/closing. Fast forward to the year 2009. With mobile devices that are full of mobile computing power why not make the next move? iDoor is an iPhone app that looks to make that move. Developed by an MIT student, this app for iPhones will allow you to control and open your own door. Obviously you have to rig the door so that it can receive the signals from said phone and carry out the command. Ok, so the door opens and closes at the push of a “button”. The really cool part is the auto answering feature thanks to built in vibration sensors. How sweet is that?! Though, I don’t know if I would want anyone simply walking in by just knocking. Still, the concept is pretty sweet! Don’t you agree!

Source: The Awesomer, iDoor

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