Copyright laws have become nothing more than freedom killers

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 6:19


At one point in time, someone dreamed up the idea of copyrights and associated laws that would protect the creators content and idea yet at the same time encourage new and innovative products to come forth. In the decades that have passed, sad events and misinterpretations of copyright law have transpired. It is so bad that today, copyright laws and the greedy, senseless dickhead lawyers that enforce them are nothing more than gold diggers and money grabbers who could care less about an individuals freedom. What has our world come to when some stupid record label board member can tell you what to do with your purchased product?

Just think about it. Say you’re a person who loves music. You can take a song, alter it on a computer and make it something truly unique. While it may still have undertones of the original, the new product is generally you own. Post it online to show off your creative skills and instead of getting a congratulations or fame, you’ll get a cornucopia of copywrite lawyers knocking down your door.

In regards to copyright, perhaps the biggest “posers”, money grabbers, scam artists, *insert your own name here*in today’s spotlight is that of record labels and RIAA like regimes that claim to be for the artist when in reality they couldn’t care less about them. They are only there for their own pocket, their own dime.

The very idea of file sharing is built upon what the internet was created for in the first place — the sharing of ideas and information. A song is information. A video clip is information. For example, if I am watching a TV show on my computer and cut out a 3 minute clip and upload it to YouTube to highlight a point or alter it to make my own unique product, why the hell to content “owners” feel that they have every right to yank it down? They’ll decry that it costs them money in lost sales. BS. Do you honestly think that someone watching a 3 minute clip on YouTube is going to stop them from buying that particular movie, TV Show box set, or whatever else it may be? No. Time and Time again, free options have been proven to actually help music sales. Of course, labels don’t want you to think that. They live in their own little sad, greed filled world.

You can deny all you want that copyrights still help and promote freedom and inspire ideas. But anyone with half a brain who spends 10 minutes on the internet can easily find that they opposite is true. Copyright has become nothing more than a freedom killer. An artificial law/boundary that does nothing for which it was originally intended. Not to mention, taking laws and policies that were created when a technological revolution was an abacus hardly means they are relevant or useful in today’s digital world.

Reform is greatly needed. Old suits need to be replaced by empty chairs (that’s all they’re worth). Only time will tell if consumers care enough about their freedom to actually do anything. Will you?

Source: FT

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