Exactly how much is a Petabyte?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 7:14
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The world in which we live is increasingly digital. More and more of what we do and what we store online is become larger in file size, more complex, more graphically rich, higher bitrates etc. While it may seem like so long ago, 1998 was not that long ago. Back in the ‘98 day, 1 measly Gigabyte cost a whopping $228 dollars. By 2005 that same Gig now cost $3.88. And 2007 brought a new low: $0.88.

Prices and sizes of hard drives have thankfully kept up with demand at all points in time so that advances in technologies always had ample room to be stored at reasonable price points. In today’s world where a Terabyte is now common place, we find ourselves looking to the next big storage milestone: a Petabyte. Just how big is a Petabyte? Jump on through for a very informative and interesting chart showing you just how much data one could store with one whole Petabyte all to themselves.

Gizmodo, Mozy, Image Source

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