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Google Chrome OS Spied?

Leaked screenshots of products often draw quite the nerdy crowd. This supposedly leaked shot of an early Google Chrome OS build is no different, especially given the contenders the little OS is up against: Apple, Microsoft, and the free loving community that supports Linux. The screenshot shows a very minimal looking desktop. Though, seeing as how the actual release of said OS isn’t until sometime next year, I’m sure the desktop will undergo some refinements and alterations before go time. The person to thank for the early eye grab would be an Acer parts supplier residing in Taiwan. The legitimacy of these photos does have some doubts however as such a screenshot wouldn’t be that hard to put together yourself. Moving forward, what exactly does this early build of Chrome OS show us?

For starters, it’s fast. The OS is said to take a mere 10 minutes and 1 restart to install and reboot from desktop to desktop in 25 seconds (no small feat). Operation is “surprisingly fast” according to the parts supplier. The blue orb in the bottom left corner of the screen will be sort of like the Windows icon or Apple icon on their respective OS’s. As far as making your way through the OS’s inner sanctums, one can either browse the tradition way (much like explorer), or, they can let the computer to the heavy lifting for them and search it out. Finally, Chrome OS equipped devices/units will have a dedicated Chrome icon key mimicking the windows key and it’s functions.

So, how does it sound so far? Do you even think this is real? If it’s worth noting, the site that is hosting the pictures was thrown together rather quickly. Real or fake?

Source: Engadget, Chrome OS Leak

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