Stick it to the man: Continuous Ink Cartridges [How-to]

Thursday, July 9, 2009 11:56
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Anyone who knows something about something probably knows the big rip off, eye gouging, theft practices that goes on with the extremely over inflated cost of ink cartridges. Such wallet emptying practices never please anyone. The trend the last couple of years has been geared towards deception. For example, while ink cartridge prices have been falling on certain manufacturers models, the actual physical size of said cartridges is also falling — you’re getting the same raw deal folks. So what is a cash strapped, printer loving person such as yourself to do? Stick it to the man! How? Reclaim your money and freedom with a do-it-yourself project to turn your printer into a continuous ink printer. The fine folks over at Eddiem have laid out the instructions on doing this very task. Who’s ready to get their hands a little dirty?

Source: Crunch Gear, Hack ‘n’ Mod

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