TPExpert: A classy split screen style theme for the masses

Written by: Mike, Monday, July 13, 2009 8:23

Hedone Design is back with another eye buster: TPXpert. The latest theme to come from the theming powerhouse is a sweet today plus-esque theme for all newer BlackBerry models. Some may not like the split screen style themes, but I find that if designed and executed correctly can actually be pretty functional and cool. I like on TPXpert how when you slide to the right for the calendar, the box on the right fills up with calendar entries. That is just one of the subtle touches that really make this theme stand out as a premium theme. If you are the Berry user who likes the choice to choose between many different icons on your homescreen in a split screen style, TPExpert is just the theme for you. A trip to the Hedone Design Store and a farewell to $6.99 of pocket change are the only requirements. Gallery inside showing off the visual nirvana.

Source: Berry Review

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