Giant Gummi Bear LED lamps to rescue world from recession 1 overpriced bear at at time?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 5:18
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If you think about a stereotypical overpriced novelty gift, what comes to your mind? For some it is some kind of wacky flash drive. For others it is a mash up of one or more gadgets into some uber gadget. Still for others, a giant gummi bear LED lamp may come to mind. Well folks, if you think like the latter, today is your day. The Giant Gummi Bear LED lamp is just what it sounds like, 7″ of rubber molded into the shape of a bear with an LED crammed down its throat illuminating your dark little world. Instead of traditional earth killing batteries, the Gummi Lamp uses rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries for a more eco-friendly footprint. A couple hours of charging and you’re good to go for up to 20 hours of LED/Bear provided lighting happiness. Now, try to quell the little kid in you from taking a nibble as this isn’t a real giant gummi. Somehow I don’t think processed rubber is going to taste very well. If you can get over the un-edibleness, you may want to prepare for the next obstacle: price. These little glowing bears of joy will set you back a ridiculous $125 per bear. But, you can get a knock out deal of all five for $500. Sweet! Who just lost interest? While these LED lamps are really cool, $125 just seems a bit too expensive…don’t you think?

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Source: Technabob, Slippery Brick, Gear Fuse

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