Store your digital bits in an analog tube. Analog vacuum tube that is…

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 11:42

Audiophiles and a few other geeky dablers are this day and age really the only individuals who would have or still be around vacuum tubes. Once a staple of electronics, they are now relegated to niche products and audiophile equipment among others. When geeks get bored, they improvise and create Frankenstein gadgets that at times truly wow us all. While this particular mash up doesn’t necessarily “wow”, it is helluva cool none the less. The creative folks over at CF14 Industries have taken your ordinary vacuum tube and rammed the internals of a flash drive inside. The result? The coolest flash drive I have seen yet bar none. Nothing says geek like vacuum tubes. The only downside I see is the now grossly undersized 512MB storage limit. Other than that, I want one. Also, the abuse and daily wear and tear flash drives are subject to leaves me a tad worried for the lifespan of this particular drive. Try to be careful with it, will ya! Instructions on how to build your own can be found here.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets, Gadget Venue, Hacked Gadgets

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