Go old school with the TV Bag

Friday, July 17, 2009 6:00

Forget practicality and convenience, this one off custom purse/bag will look stylish, set yourself apart from the rest of civilization as a geek, and manage to not break the bank. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for your back. This old battle worn Sony TV has gained a new lease on life. Instead of spending the next millennium sitting in some dump leeching toxins into the ground, this TV will instead come back to life as a very handy, very loved bag. I would imagine such a bag can’t be that light even with the innards stripped out. To access your ill gotten booty stashed inside the TV, simply give a little tug on the display which is now on hinges and gaze into the inner sanctums of geekdom. If this tickles your digital fancy you better hurry. The seller only has one. And at $89 I don’t think it’ll be around too long. Jump on in to get a glance at a few more stylish poses…

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Source: Gadget Venue

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