Let other drivers know how you really feel without lifing a finger…kinda…

Friday, July 17, 2009 6:31

If you’ve ever driven a car, chances are you’ve encountered those people which shouldn’t be driving…let alone have a license. Their displays of stupidity and utter lack of any road manners makes you so angry you could beat them with a crow bar. Violent? Maybe. Needed? Most likely. Usually we humans rely on our ancestors’ language when communicating across lanes to signal to other drivers how we really feel. But why take out hands off the wheel and our texting? Why not let another gadget do it for us?

Thankfully technology has a rather comical and functional solution: The Hand. The Hand is a nice gadget that you can mount in your car windows or anywhere else you’d like to freely speak your mind. With the ability to signal using 0-3 fingers, most simple messages can be sent using good ‘ol sign language. As far as auto gadgets go, this one is a definite keeper. I need several of these…don’t you? $39.95 really is a small price to pay for freedom of expression and a voice, a voice to share to the world. Isn’t it?

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Source: Nerd Approved

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