3rd Party SkyFire BlackBerry browser leaked


Add this to the top of your “gotta check out when I get home” download lists: SkyFire. But wait, I thought that was a closed beta and not even slated for public release anytime soon? Well, you be right. However a helpful/deceitful beta tester has let loose one of the most coveted programs to date so that all BlackBerry users may take any early bite of what is claimed to be one of the best 3rd party browsers to grace the Canadian born device.

The original link has already stopped working. For now, you can get SkyFire here until this link is also nuked. Better hurry!

**Update**. Hurry or not, any attempts to use your ill gotten bounty are now squashes. A statement from SkyFire has made it painfully clear that they weren’t happy by stating that the servers responsible for all of the data crunching will be temporarily off line until a newer alpha is released in a few weeks. Hope the few hours you outlaws had was fun. :)

Source: Berry Review


  • July 27, 2009 12:37 pm
  • by: Mike
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