AP’s DRM News scheme gets a makeover (hillarious)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 11:57
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If you’re into the world of tech, gadgets, electronics, and politics, especially politics pertaining to technological issues, the ongoing battle the Associated Press is waging on pretty much the entire internet just goes to show you how terrible and outdate some businesses really are. Instead of embracing the internet for what it is and what it can help you achieve, companies such as AP are instead trying to make the internet conform to outdated business practices and policies used on older business models. Such mashups simply won’t work. It really is quite stupid and revolves around AP’s claims that everyone else steals their news. (In reality, news is not a single person’s property — heck it isn’t the “property” of anyone. We all know this. Except the AP seems to think they’re in their own little world where they rule all). One with even a sliver of intelligence would think that they would see how beneficial DRM has been to the music industry (extreme sarcasm) and learn from their mistakes. Obviously we assume too much. But I digress.

For the past several weeks, the AP has been hard at work pushing their DRM laced news services in hopes that they can get a cult started in which they’re the ring leader. In order to “help” us thieves, the AP has kindly provided us with the graph shown above (lightly altered by the oh so funny crew at Crunch Gear). The sooner that outdated and bass-akwards companies such as the AP either adapt or die the better off we will all be. Actually, if you look at the AP’s heavy lobbying for DRM, one could see the similarities between them and other crooked organizations such as the RIAA. Let’s hear it for the RIAA/Satan of the news industry: AP! *applause booooooooo* (Real image after the jump — bigger images also for those of you with less than stellar eyes *winky face*)

The real image un-doctored isn’t quite as funny but is just as ridiculous, full of stupidity and non-sense.

Source: Crunch Gear

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