Apple really doesn’t care about their app developers

by Mike
Posted July 30th, 2009 at 10:00 am

Take this information and store it in your little minds and step back from the situation and examine it. Heck, even a thousand miles away the outcome is clear as day, same as it has always been. The app store approval process is so broken there really isn’t any hope. Between incompetent and baseless app rejections as well as less than helpful support staff, the App Store is setting it self up for a mass exodus if these instances keep up. The latest blatant example of Apple “we could care less attitude” comes by way of Richard, an Apple employee who apparently handles App Store rejection questions to some degree. A paraphrased snippet from AlleyInsider between app developer RiverTurn and Richard, the useless Apple employee goes as follows:

Me: “Is there something we can change or alter in order to regain compliance and get back in the Store?”

Richard: “I can’t say.”

Me: “Well if we can’t figure out the issue then how will we know whether to resubmit the app. And how will we know whether to invest in any other development efforts? Future apps could be impacted.”

Richard: “I can’t help you with that”

Me: “So how do we know whether it is still viable for us to consider Apple a partner if this is how the scenario plays out. If you were in my shoes would you continue to invest blood, sweat, tears and money in something that can be killed off at any moment without your say so?”

Richard: “I understand your point but I can’t help you with that.”

Me: “Surely someone there at Apple asked you to make this phone call. Can I speak with that person about this?”

Richard: “I am the only one you can speak with on this subject.

Wow, that sure makes you want to do business with Apple doesn’t it. They tell you your app (which by normal standards is completely fine) has somehow broken one of Apple’s rules and therefore can’t be accepted. Instead of telling you what you did wrong and how or what to do to fix it they say “we can’t help you”. Awesome! Than what the hell is tech support even there for? While I’m sure Richard is but one of many employees, some whom I’m sure are much more willing to help, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole batch for everyone. Last straw, or do you still have some fight left in you?

Source: Alley Insider

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