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Thursday, July 30, 2009 13:26

When you’re in a hurry and have to leave someone a message on their voicemail, you want to do it right this second, not 15, 20, or 30 seconds from now. Another reason for the quick message is not only because of time constraints but more importantly to save a few pennies. Those precious seconds you’re stuck on the phone listening to some stupid recording when you could be yapping away yourself costs against your minutes, and if you’re over your minutes they go on your bill as nasty overages. Pretty shady huh!? But there is a hope for us mere mortals yet. Thanks to David Pogue and his efforts to start a resistance to this recorded madness comes in three easy steps: *#1.

STEP ONE. Press 1. If it’s Sprint, you get the beep, and you’re done. If you hear an error recording, go on:

STEP TWO. Press *. If it’s Verizon, you get the beep. If not:

STEP THREE: Push #. You get the beep for T-Mobile or Cingular.

Now don’t forget, step, stop and listen for a second. At most you’ll have to make it to step three and push three buttons. But still, I’d rather rack up seconds on my own accord. Wouldn’t you?

Source: Consumerist, Image Source

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