Apple pointing iPhone OS instability finger at jailbreaking

  • July 31, 2009 8:30 am

Apple’s stance on jailbreaking is nothing new. They hate it. They want it written into law as illegal (stupid). Many people who have a love for the devices potential are often left wanting more when Apple goes on and does truly stupid things….like banning GV apps. Because of the constant tug and pull of power that seems to go on between AT&T, Apple, and the iPhone end user, many users take matters into their own hands by jailbreaking their devices. It truly is one of the best things you could ever do for your iPhone. While it can cause some instability issues and other speed hiccups, those problems are most often caused by a bad app, not a problem with the jailbreak code. Still, Apple as of late has been relentless, pushing the issue that jailbreaking causes everything from system instability issues to supporting terrorism. (Don’t even get me started on that one.) A new support document published by Apple reveals just how misguided their view really is. The former claim, that jailbreaking causes system incompatibilities and speed problems within the OS, is nothing that anyone is denying. There are problems occasionally that require you to re-jailbreak. Again, most times redoing it will fix any outstanding issues. People who jailbreak are tech savvy enough to know the inherent risks and complications that can arise when tinkering with such a complicated devices’ code and inner workings. Still, that doesn’t give Apple’s claim any real credibility in regards to the real motives behind their claim.

Jailbreaking allows users to install unapproved apps that Apple doesn’t see a dime for. Apple loves money, just like any business. But it’s the way Apple is going about their business that is angering many customers. If you really think about it, the laws and regulations Apple imposes and is trying to impose reveal pretty clearly that our iPhones are not really “ours”. We are merely renting them. Such is a sad revelation but again nothing new. The advanced OS and plethora of apps has so far kept even major issues such as the GV ban, lack of background processes, and numerous other problems from affecting sales growth and volume.

If you really look at the situation that is unfolding and think of all the ways Apple could persuade people not to jailbreak, the most obvious and consumer friendly option is clear: open up the device. Now I’m not saying open it so it syncs with all kinds of software programs or to allow app downloads outside of the store (though that would be nice), I’m merely asking for the App Store approval process to either get a major overhaul or be completely disbanded. Instead, just let developers post apps directly to the apps store and have a different “app store team” in the background that merely removes questionable/offending apps such as “Baby Shaker” that appeared and was removed some months ago.

Further claims by Apple are that jailbreaking hurts everyone. Somehow it causes everyone’s iPhones to run poorly, can crash cell towers (slightly more believable), and is bad for customers. While anyone with half a brain cell can see through there smokescreen of lies, politicians aren’t usually the most technologically competent often resulting in stupid tech laws that are completely out of touch with reality.

If Apple really is worried about system stability, they need to stop pointing so many fingers outside and take a good hard look in the mirror. Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPhone OS is pretty much at the top of the heap with only one or two other competitors whom I would consider close (Android and webOS after it matures a tad more) when talking about things such as stability and features. But blaming people on the outside for problems that are occuring within seems pretty naive and ignorant if you ask me. But Apple will be Apple. Love them or hate them they make some awesome gadgets. It’s just their policies and practices that can alienate people. How much cold shoulder can you eat before you get full and want to leave?

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