CrunchPad to compete with theoretical Apple Tablet?

by Mike
Posted July 31st, 2009 at 12:10 pm

An interesting war could soon be starting. No it’s not a war of man and military machines, but instead a war between an underdog and seasoned veteran. The underdog, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch teamed up with a Singapore tech startup, Fusion Garage to get his CrunchPad idea into reality. From the beginning, the CrunchPad was to be a $200 touchscreen tablet device that would eschew the typical local storage and focus primarily on the web in both program usage and storage (as the device doesn’t have any local storage) — all programs and data transferred will come from online sources. Another handy feature built in to the CrunchPad is the ability to use the tablet as a 3G modem for other electronics effectively doubling the usefulness of said gadget as it will also help many other gadgets. The ultra low price of $200 doesn’t appear to be sticking however as the Strait Times is reporting that at launch in November the device will ship with a new, larger $400 pricetag. Building you own wonder gadget is never easy. With a new Apple tablet rumored to be released in September, one has to compare the two and wonder who will win. The Apple Tablet will more than likely look better and have some form of OS X on it…whether it’s a modified iPhone OS or modified Leopard OS still remains to be seen. Current rumors foretell of the Apple Tablet coming with an iPhone OS of some sorts, but, it is a rumor so anything is possible. After reading a slew of reviews on each, spending countless hours drooling over pictures and videos, which device do you think you would choose. The sure to be gorgeous mega giant Apple Tablet or the underdog Crunch Tablet?

Source: Venture Beat

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