BlackBerry Theme: Opus

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 9:45

If bright and flash themes aren’t quite your forte, the Opus BlackBerry theme newly released by Elecite, one of the best BlackBerry theme sites around, you’re in for quite a treat. Featuring 8 icons on the home screen (top 4 fixed, bottom 4 user customizable) as well as a today area, this theme is rather robust. On newer models, ie: 83xx and 88xx models excluded, there are 2-3 dots that you can select that will take you to another screen of new icons — much the same the iPhone or Android OS lets your swipe between multiple home screens. I really like the look of this theme as it is rather unique departure from the normal style Elecite puts out. $6.99 and this digital eye candy can be all yours.

Warning: This theme as well as all other Elecite themes DO NOT work on OS .151 or on the Tour OS’s yet. Updates are in the works.

**Bold Screenshots inside.


Source: Berry Review

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