Tech Tattoo: Good idea or addiction gone bad?

Written by: Mike, Tuesday, August 4, 2009 9:20

Like many hobbies, addictions can grow and develop from a small crush to a wide following consuming the minds and actions of wide swaths of people. Techie’s in particular can grow quite attached to gadgets, hardware, software, a tech company, or even characters in techie based products such as video game characters. While at the time, a certain tattoo may seem like a great way to show off your geekiness. However, after the ink settles and you step back look at what you’ve done, one can see the utter chaos that some of bestowed upon their bodies. Come inside for some pictures of the more peculiar and odd tattoos that have graced techies from far and wide that ultimately leave us scratching our heads and asking the question: “What were you thinking?“.

Source: Technabob, Everything USB, PC World

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