Smart Measuring cup proves their still are useful inventions left (sneers at snuggie)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 9:39
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Every once in a while, the human race stumbles upon an invention or innovation that truly benefits mankind in their day to day lives full of mediocrity and occurrences of the mundane. Such lives are often aided by technology. Whether it be to make a process faster, an object smaller, or help a sick individual, technology makes our lives easier. Introducing the Smart Measuring Cup. One would think this concept would have come along a lot sooner than…now. Still, you can’t complain, at least we have the device to talk about now. Featuring an LCD on the handle, users of said measuring cup will be able to precisely see the exact amount of whatever it is they’re measuring neatly inside of the cup. The first manufacturer to get their name slapped on the device will be Taylor Kitchenware with a release slated for this fall. Are you even more excited to measure stuff!?

Source: Gizmodo, Yenko Design

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