Braun Bell concept ensures a clean pour everytime now matter your eyesight!

Written by: Mike, Friday, August 7, 2009 11:33

Having a physical disability is never fun nor something I would wish upon anyone. For some, they were born with the disability. Yet for others it came later in life in the form of an accident or attack. Technology is great in these areas as it helps those with physical disabilities to live their lives just a tad bit closer to what there were used to. The next cool gadget (concept) to cross my ocular cavities comes from none other than popular and forward thinking design site Yenko Design. The Braun Bell concept mug has 3 separate sensors inside the mug that chime as the liquid passes each sensor. Now, for you and me, individuals with at least some eyesight, such a feature is unneeded. But for those who have less than spectacular eye balls, this mug is a boon to them. Chiming at each of the 3 levels will easily alert the person filling the mug so as not to spill whatever it is they’re about to drink. This can be especially helpful when dealing with hotter liquids such as a nice cup of hot coffee. While it is still a concept, the chances of this becoming real are I would bet highly probable as there really is a need and market to cater to. What do you think?

Source: Dvice, Yenko Design

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