IE6 No More: burying the old and busted one computer at a time

Friday, August 7, 2009 12:02
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For the general population, browsers and the differences in between themselves are hardly a care. As long as they can get online, read their articles and pay their bills, the general population is a happy population. Therein lies the problem. While many things can continue on positively for years with the mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, technology and the internet are not like that — not in the slightest. Case in point, a disproportionate amount of internet users are still using IE6, a browser that is now 9 years old! If you’re looking for a conversion into human years, 9 years in the technology world is way past dead in the human world (give or take a year or two).

The point is, IE6 is god awful though has stuck around due to a majority of users not knowing any better as well as IT departments either too lazy or too understaffed to upgrade/debug new problems. While it may run incredibly fast on older PC’s, web designers and pretty much anyone else that works in, with, or around websites knows just how much of a burden designing and coding a website for IE6 compatibility can be. Thankfully, to help you the end user remember these little things and to teach those less knowledgeable on the subject, I have joined the IE6 No More movement.

By embedding the code from the IE6 No More site, any user who comes here with IE6 will be presented with an unobtrusive banner at the very top alerting them to the ticking time bomb they are toying with while suggesting 4 other much more capable browsers eager to be called yours: Firefox 3.5, IE8, Safari 4, and Google Chrome 2.0. While it may not seem like much, converting users once PC at a time is all it takes. Again, while it may not mean much of anything for end users, web designers and website admins such as myself are always doing things 2, 3, 4 or more extra times just to make sure IE6 gets support.

The buck stops here folks. It’s time to welcome 2009 with open arms. If you are a website designer, website admin, or are simply tired of catering to an old and busted browser such as IE, stop on by the IE6 No More website, insert the code in your desired language, email your name, website, and website logo to the site, and enjoy some free publicity all for a good cause.

Source: Mashable

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