Amzer’s 3800 mAh battery ensures multi-day usage, turns Pre into terminally ill patient

by Mike
Posted August 10th, 2009 at 8:56 am


I am what one would call a “power user”. I use my smartphones’ features, whatever phone it may be, to the fullest extent. Often times charging my phone 2 or 3 times a day is not unheard of as battery makers/technology has fallen grossly behind the features and performance that are being demanded form these little energy cells. Palm Pre users who were unhappy with the Pre’s stock run time have had several options to choose from so far. One of those third party options provided by Amzer gave users choices between 1400 and 2800 mAh batteries for power and power power users. However, there are some of us who like to live away from the wall, or quite simply want to go on a quick global odyssey without having to hunt for an outlet. For those users, Amzer has one upped themselves with their latest 3800 mAh extended battery for the Palm Pre. (Pics comparing the Pre with the Amzer 3800 mAh battery as well as a few other options out there right after you jump in head first).

Not only will a battery of this size allow you to go several days of extreme usage (and maybe even power a small death ray), it will render your Pre completely hideous while also making it look a bit embarrassing whilst claiming refuge in your pocket (if you can even get it in a pocket.) Obviously, those who are seeking 3x the battery power in one package are more worried about function as opposed to form. For at the end of the day, what good is a pretty little gadget if its dead? Also deserving of obvious nature is the fact that such a large battery will require an equally large case. And a large case it is. While the Palm Pre’s back looks nicely crafted, the Amzer case comes across as cheap plastic (and it is.)

Still, you can’t beat the power the Amzer 3800 mAh battery will give you. Now all you have to do is get past the $130 fee for a battery. After that it’s all smooth sailing. If you need more power but also don’t want to be embarrassed by your phone in your pocket or the accompanying sadness to invade your bank account, Amzer has that smaller 2800 mAh battery I mentioned early for a tad more reasonable $90. The choice is yours: big and ugly or bigger and god awful case gone and got slapped with an ugly stick ugly. Decisions decisions. Take a second to view the pics below, or stop by Pre Thinking for even more ocular overload.

Source: Mobile Crunch, Pre Thinking

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