Don’t miss a single second of live action with the TV urinal

Monday, August 10, 2009 8:38
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I can hereby confirm that all world problems are now solved and life should now continue on in harmony with nothing but a history book to remind us of our troubled past…..or not. TV’s have been in mens restrooms for years. While they vary from the tiny 13 incher in the corner to the monstrous 60″ plasma on the wall, they all have one common flaw: you have to actually advert your eyes from the task at hand to watch. Something that isn’t always possible or safe. However, some truly visionary individual has created one of if not the best piece of gadgetry for a pub - a urinal with a projection TV behind it. Essentially you get to pee right over the action (a problem if you’re the type who turns to follow the action). The lucky pub who gets to claim the “worlds first” prefix is the Horse Bazaar pub in Melbourne, Australia. Now rushing in and out of the bathroom won’t be so much of a rush. Could this be the start of mens restroom lines getting as long and taking as long to navigate as women’s? While increase wait times could be a definite con to such a piece of technological advancement, getting that close to the action and having the ability to take your anger out on the opposing time by peeing on their face is hard to ignore. Who all of a sudden wants to visit this Horse pub in Australia?

Source: Gizmodo, Horse Bazaar Pub

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