N64 Laptop ensures hours of retro gaming on the fly


Sure there have been various consoles parted and stuffed into cases of different sizes. But the coolest one to cross my attention so far is the N64 laptop. Stuffed inside of a PS3 carrying case, the N64 mod brings retro gaming to gamers on the move. While the mod pictured is a bit crude and unrefined, the unit apparently does the intended purpose of giving the creators the added benefit and ease of N64 gaming wherever they please. Not to mention, the game in the picture is one of my favorites and to me, one of the best N64 titles ever: Goldeneye. Of course, what good is a portable gaming system without controllers? Luckily two controller ports are located on the side of the device. If you’re feeling a little crafty yourselves, you can take comfort in knowing that this particular mod won’t run you too much in the cheddar department as all of the parts needed were only a “few dollars”. Cool device of the day? If you’re still reading eagerly awaiting building instructions and some more pics of the dirty, raw internals, head on over to No Where Else and educate yourselves.

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  • August 10, 2009 10:55 am
  • by: Mike
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