IE 6 must die [Follow Up]


You may remember the small post concerning IE 6 and the grass roots movement web wide that is moving to kill IE 6. While it is corporate standard and even for some home dwellers the browser of choice, IE 6 is a grossly outdated browser in terms of speed, security, and web standards support. Heck, when designing and coding a website, maintaining IE 6 support often means increased development time and websites that aren’t as feature rich or content rich as they could be without IE 6 support. So what exactly does Microsoft have to say about this movement that is gaining traction?

To sum up Dean Hachamovitch’s (IE lead engineer) words, Microsoft will not even consider dropping IE 6 support…”it’s not an option”. We won’t be deterred however. While Microsoft does make some valid points such as corporations who are stuck using IE 6 because of business software incompatibilities on newer/other browsers as well as some people simple not wanting to switch as they are content with old junk IE 6. It is 2009 and enough is enough. IE 6 debuted in 2001…8 years ago…or in tech years 2 centuries ago. It is time to move on. While Microsoft is taking the stance that it is the users choice (and it is) on which browser they want to use, it is the web developers choice not support a browser because it is too old, bug ridden, and insecure. I guess we’re in for the long haul folks. Just for giggles, what browser are you using?

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