The new poster child for stupid: The entertainment industry and the .cmx file format.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 5:56

As if the entertainment industry, more recently the video and music industry, couldn’t be more behind the times, completely lost of their true demographic, and utterly clueless and incompetent when it comes to anything digital, they all come out swinging to surprise us over and over. The latest and most ridiculous attempt at world dominance comes in the form of CMX, a new file format that various sectors of the entertainment industry are putting their weight behind. Apparently this decision took several years of brainstorming between many high up exec’s to get to this point. Have they have forgotten about MP3, you know, the universal standard even if it is a bit dated? Even still, there are plenty of others such as AAC, Ogg, and FLAC just to name a few. So why bring out another new file format in a world that is literally drowning in them?

Simple: the industry will use it to lock up content, make it useless, and then rape us with charges to access said content. Oh don’t forget they’ll also strip out pretty much any fair right you would have meaning being double, triple, and quadruple charged for making multiple copies of your music collection. Super! Man I love getting screwed by big business don’t you? Besides the complete stupidity behind launching another file format, the supporters of CMX will face an uphill battle in getting anyone to actually license the rights to support such a file. I’m pretty sure Apple will tell them in a few non to polite words where they can stick their new format. A few other manufacturers will follow Apple’s lead, maybe a bit nicer, though still giving it the cold shoulder. While some manufacturers will ultimately support every file format under the sun (hey…that’s not a bad thing).

However, considering that Apple still holds more than 3/4 of the mp3 player market, if they neglect to adopt CMX, it doesn’t really matter if anyone else does or not, save for the extreme case of the entertainment industry going CMX only. In which case I see a massive revolt by end users, nuclear war, and the all out destruction of the planet. A bit extreme..maybe? Impossible…maybe not?

It’s worth noting that the industry isn’t looking to “force” this upon us. Instead they plan on releasing a title here and a title there, trying out the service in small chunks to see how the public welcomes it. Though an industry that has spent the past decades screwing customers, and as of late, suing them because of outdated business practices, backwards thinking, and complete lack of grasp on reality has created an industry and corporations that aren’t general revered as someone worth doing business with. I see this CMX format tanking an ultimately going the way of Sony’s ATRAC-3. No one is going to willingly adopt another file format now that MP3 and even AAC (with the help of Apple’s iPods) have crept up to the top. That is again unless the industry makes goes CMX only though thankfully that isn’t looking to be the case…yet. Then we have a completely different issue on our hands.

Of course, the real reason behind all of this hoopala is to resuscitate the declining full album sale. For some time now on iTunes, one can already see the labels trying to force us to spend more by making certain songs album only. I completely disagree with this tactic. With so much music today being utter pieces of garbage and useless collections of 1’s and 0’s, spending $10 on 10-14 songs with 1-2 actually good songs is a waste. Anytime I come across a song I can’t get by itself, I don’t get period. They lose my business. This CMX format is supposedly going to make the album relevant again by tying in the usual graphics from CD covers and other multimedia content in a bid to get you to make the industry richer again. It won’t really catch on with me as I love music. Not CD covers or super cool wallpapers. If I want a super cool band wallpaper, I can get one on the internet after 5 minutes on Google. Leave that part to us guys.

I’ve been talking long enough. With the industry and labels pushing hard for their own format, at first it may look like they’re trying to make their content more valuable. But what will/could happen down the line when they decide to tweak their format with more of their own rules, taking away rights of our own? Also, will a few extra wallpapers, mini-games, ringtones, and other misc, junk really make you buy a complete album with only 1-2 good songs? I long for you to spill your thoughts in the little box below.

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One Response to “The new poster child for stupid: The entertainment industry and the .cmx file format.”

  1. Harry Hemus says:

    August 11th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Ok … I give up !

    For 2 years now I have been trying to talk to someone … anyone in the music Industry with just a little courtesy. It seems that humble freelancers like me are not worthy.

    I basically put a paper together called ‘redefining the album’, and the substantive point was that I had simply created a file that was globally available, non threatening, contained audio, video, lyrics, artwork, form data collation, mobile phone compatible collateral etc etc etc.

    For a very, very, very, basic example, go to make sure you have reader 9 This is just one flavour of a whole host of options that can be created and delivers via streaming or download … AND you can print your own CD sleeves, have your own posters or desktops etc etc etc….. GIVE ME STRENGH

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