No doubt one of the best ways to escape your current trials and tribulations in your day to day lives is to sit back and play a good video game. Another approach to the same mind relaxing goal can be had by means of alcohol. What if you put the two together? Obviously many a night have been spent with games and alcohol in the company of good friends. Such events make life worth living and all the more enjoyable. Anyone can have some consoles and a big screen with a fridge full of beer. But if you want to really impress your friends, you need to invest in the Arkeg. All great things take time and money. The Arkeg at $4,000 is no different. But what you get is well worth it — an old style arcade game with a kegerator stuffed inside the cabinet.

The Arkeg comes with a 5 gallon keg, (depending on your drinking habits, mileage may vary) and a PC pre-loaded with 104 classic games. I can already see it now. This thing would be great in my bar/garage. Why would I have to ever go into the house again? Weekly tournaments on the 24″ screen accompanied by 2.1 surround sound with a powered sub will without a doubt make your house the house to be at for parties. I’ll take two please!

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Source: Slippery Brick, Dvice