RIM gobbles up Torch Mobile. Webkit BB Browser on the way?

by Mike
Posted August 24th, 2009 at 10:30 am

While I currently use an iPhone (for the time being) and am setting my sights on Android as my next purchase, I still have a place in my heart for RIM and their beloved BlackBerry. Even though the OS looks and operates as if it were written in 2004, the sheer simplicity of any type of messaging on a BlackBerry is hard to knock or challenge. Since the iPhone and Android have ushered in browsers that are actually worth doing any type of mobile browsing on, BlackBerries have struggled to keep up with the grossly outdated BB Browser based on java. A quick solution is to download a 3rd party browser such as Opera Mini or the up and coming Skyfire Browser for BlackBerry. But 3rd party solutions don’t always blend in perfectly. RIM, seeing their trials and tribulations in this sector of the market have managed to come up with a solution to get them back in the game.

Today, RIM announced their acquisition of Torch Mobile, makers of a spectacular web-kit based (ala iPhone and Android) mobile browser known to many as “IRIS”, in hopes that the information and knowledge shared between the now partners can help propel BlackBerries even further into the limelight. I personally cannot wait for a proper web-kit based browser on a BlackBerry. Heck, if RIM can manage to put a heavy hand on some other areas of the OS, I’ll be a happy BlackBerry user once again. Until then it looks like we’ll have to play the waiting game and dream of what goods will soon come out of this union. Excited?

Source: BGR, Torch Mobile

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