For most valuable or lusted after objects, two is always better than one. If one of any particular object gives you great joy, than two can only double it right? While it doesn’t always work like that, I’m pretty sure the effect the GScreen Dual-Screen laptop has on you will be at least 50% more favorable than a competing single screened model. Such a design requires extra special attention be payed to the construction of the housing around the screens as even a slight bump could render the screens scratched, cracked, or completely shattered. Because of this, expect this beaut to weigh in at 12+lbs. Though I’m not about to complain. If you really have a hard enough time carrying around 12-15lbs, you need to get help and/or quit at life because you have issues.

On a lighter note, the company says that they plan on having 16″ or 17″ screens available at launch with 15.4″ and 13″ dual screened models before 2010! Following soon thereafter, 15.4″ and 13″ models should drop giving those of you who want some smaller glass an option in life. Picking one of these up for Christmas won’t require a trip to any brick and mortar store. Instead, cuddle up with a computer, a cup of hot chocolate, maybe a snuggie or two and head on over to to get your order on.

Wrapping up, the spec’s to accompany such a wonderful machine(s) aren’t bad at all: Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GF900M GT discrete graphics, 7,200 RPM hard drives, and six or nine-cell batteries. Not bad eh? Obviously, if you’re even thinking about a netbook, the gScreen isn’t exactly something you should be looking at. But, if you want a beast of a mobile machine that will make passerbys and other mere mortals drool, the gScreen will be just the machine for you. Oh yeah, with all of this new found geekiness on display with such cool features as dual displays on a laptop, look for the monetary weight to be pretty hefty…much like the physical weight — starting around $3,000 means you’re definitely going to want to save up a few pennies before Christmas. Speaking of that, with the final design of the power cord still in question and with Christmas quickly approaching, do you think they can make a pre-2010 deadline? Let’s hope so!

So, are you going to get one or two?

Source: Gizmodo