So what states and governments alike are banning texting while driving. When you are using the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk while swerving through traffic at 90 mph and get pulled over, you can politely tell the officer that there currently isn’t any law against using a computer while driving (to my knowledge). You can also invite him to watch “I Love Lucy” re-runs with you…though I don’t know how well that will go over. Heck, you could probably pipe in a video feed from a camera mounted on your dashboard and go all futuristic. Still, I don’t recommend actually testing it out while driving…obviously.

Jokes aside, the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk is real, and real handy at that — while you’re parked of course. Simply hooking this mobile desk to your steering wheel gives you a sturdy workspace to conduct whatever it is you have to do while in the drivers seat. While I can certainly see the added benefit some would garner from using this in the cars, especially the mobile business people who work out of their vehicles quite often, I’m just as content with sitting in another seat and putting the laptop on my…uhhh…lap. Still, for $24.95, many will find the price just right. Any takers?

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