BREW lives on!

When looking at mobile devices, stumbling over the word “BREW” is enough to make any gadget freak quickly skip ahead to the next device in hopes of salvation. What was a decent mobile platform several years ago has been completely banished from relevance (even from dumb phones) with the likes of the iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and yes…even Windows Mobile. Even some manufacturer based OS’s are becoming pretty snazzy. Yet BREW, this dinosaur in the 21st century continues to defy the odds by refusing to die. Momentum isn’t exactly moving downward either. This past July, HTC announced plans to bring a new BREW enabled phone to market by end of 2009.

The latest to jump on board the Jurassic Bus is Sprint, who desperately needs to get as many blockbuster hits as they can possibly get. Just recently revealed they too have their own goals towards releasing a BREW device as well. The refreshed version of BREW, assuming it also gets some tweaks under the hood, also gets a slight lengthening of it’s name to BREW MP (Mobile Platform). While I am so far not interested in the slightest, I’m sure there are many potential customers out there who still use cellphones just for calling. As hard as it is to imagine, that injustice does happen folks. Do you really think there’s a large market for new and improved BREW devices? We shall see.

Source: BGR, Image Source