Over the last couple years, Facebook has exploded in popularity surpassing the once great MySpace. The draw for many was the slick, quick, and uncluttered interface. Well, with the addition of every quiz, app, and game underneath the sun, Facebook is turning into the bloated giant MySpace still is. What to do? Cut the fat that’s what. Since Facebook started adding all of the frilly junk, many users have been begging for a “Facebook Lite” that gives them the good ‘ol Facebook free from distractions. Well, that time has come…at least for U.S. and UK users. Facebook Lite has officially launched for the previously two mentioned countries giving users a glimpse at simpler times while allowing them to get down and dirty with social networking at its very core free from the fluff that is quickly filling up the regular Facebook. If you’d like to give it a spin and reminisce about yesteryear or are simply tired of the crap filling up your Facebook profile, go ahead and give Facebook Lite a try at Lite.Facebook.com and lets us know what you think of it.

**Update: Reports are coming in that many more countries across the big blue are able to access lite.facebook.com. I’ve been playing around with it for several hours now and can honestly say it is leaps and bounds better — faster, much less cluttered, and overall more enjoyable. Agree?

Source: Mashable