BlackBerry OS 5.0 update

While I criticized RIM pretty hard, the addict in me still looks favorably on the old friend as I long for something new and exciting. 5.0 was supposed to be launched Aug/Sept according to several pieces of documentation that circulated over the summer. Obviously August is gone and September is quickly heading that way. So what now? We wait longer. According to RIM as they talked tireless at several BlackBerry symposium events, 5.0 for the enterprise and developer networks is already starting to move out meaing device software will be here before the ball drops for 2010. Not quite in line with the original Aug/Sept time frame but forgivable none the less. However, it is worth noting that 5.0 won’t immediately be available for all devices receiving the upgrade, simply 5.0 will begin to ship for handheld consumer devices. Notably the first to receive the update will be new handsets such as the 9700/Onyx/Bold. While my previous criticism stands, it is at least somewhat reassuring that a large update is coming soon.

Source: CrackBerry

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