Microsoft: Designed to fail in the mobile market

Written by: Mike, Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:04

Say what you will about Microsoft and their mobile market line. One can’t ignore that they are heading no where fast. Perhaps it would be good to start with the good — the Xbox and Zune HD products. While the Xbox isn’t a mobile product per se, it is by far one of their most popular consumer oriented devices. The second most popular I would wager is the Zune HD. Featuring reworked hardware, software, and all around better fit and finish, the Zune HD looks like a pretty decent winner on paper until you consider one big fact: There is no public accessible app store. Further complicating matters, a Zune app store is being held up by the ugly step child Windows Mobile. Does Microsoft have any clear path in the mobile market?

We could hear countless keynotes and speeches from Steve Ballmer himself all while watching him aimlessly bounce all over the stage randomly coming down into the crowd to steal a competitors handset only to mock the handset, manufacturer, and user of said handset at periodic intervals. It’s sort of ironic that a software company, especially one as large and full of history as Microsoft, is so lost in a mobile software market.

What do I mean by lost? Look at Windows Mobile. It’s ugly as hell, buggy, slow, and there isn’t any sign of any hope anytime soon. Sure there’s a “service pack” coming by way of WinMo 6.5, but a true revamp like WinMo 7 (which will likely be the first WinMo update to be released under the “Windows Phone” moniker) isn’t slated to grace civilization until late 2010 at the earliest — at which point it will already by a generation or two behind current offerings from Apple and Google/Android. It’s the same story that has been going on for several years. Someone comes along and does something truly innovative and the market catches up. Of those stragglers, there is always someone who never quite makes it and is always playing that catch up game. In this case it is Windows Mobile.

Feel free to argue and disagree with me. I know WinMo enthusiasts *occasionally* grace these pages. What they will see or more correctly not see is hardly anything about Windows Mobile. What they do see is mostly criticisms and a lack of credit coming their way. Like every human on this planet I have my reasons for not using Windows Mobile. For me, using something that operates and looks like Windows Mobile is enough to make me step in front of a moving train out of sheer frustration.

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