Green Dam Youth Escort software gets booted from last 3 stranglers

by Mike
Posted September 21st, 2009 at 11:25 am

In what was one of the worst ideas yet in regards to censorship and “safety”, the forced install of the Green Dam Youth Escort software that was mandated to be installed on every PC in China has been dealt another and potentially fatal blow. The last three major manufacturers whom also started shipping or installing the software from the factory are now backing down as well. Lenovo no longer installs the software from the factory, though, they will provide an install CD if asked. Acer announced that they too will stop shipping PC’s with the Green Dam install CD. Sony meanwhile stopped shipping Green Dam two months ago after the initial July deadline was repealed. It’s worth noting that while the July deadline was repealed for an outright mandatory install on all PC’s, the public sector including schools, cafes, etc. were still required to install the software.

It appears however that the line in the sand will be moved even further back as public domains are starting to blacklist the software with the latest being Number 50 Chinese High School which is requiring the Green Dam software to be uninstalled from all school computers as it caused conflicts with grade and attendance software already in use. If you don’t recall, the original outcries were caused by privacy concerns as Green Dam was extremely invasive as well as the fact that it was being forced on everyone. Now that there has been some secession on the governments part, could one interpret this as a more consumer friendly movement moving through the Chinese government? Can I get a whoop whoop?!

In all reality, the makers of Green Dam are most likely working on the various bugs and maybe even a few privacy concerns so that they can come back at a later date? Have we seen the last of Green Dam?

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