PS4 and Xbox 720 Concepts long for your ocular attention…

  • September 22, 2009 9:16 am


While an actual PS4 or Xbox 720 (if they’re even called that) are still several years off, it doesn’t hurt to dream does it? Not to mention, such awe-inspiring concepts give us gadget nerds a taste of what the future may hold as well as spurring creativity for future designs. In the image above, the device on the left is the conceptual PS4 while the mini-UFO looking thing is the next gen Xbox 720. The transparent touch panel and big twisting knob are definitely quite the sight. The 720 meanwhile looks more spacey — almost if it were picked straight from a Halo game. Want more? A couple more pics await you inside. All you have to do is jump…

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  • xbox4life

    xbox 720 controller looks weird and cofusing i do prefer the ps4 controller looks better

  • marcus

    this ps4 ownnnns any type of playstation out there, the 720 looks shit, xboxs are shitttt

  • james huskins

    saweeet dude this is where game consoles should be heading those look even mor compact this is awsome

  • koko

    This is awesome! I think they could have changed the controller a bit though…