Canada gets it: 3/4 of Canadian children know what the internet is and how to use it by age 7.

by Mike
Posted September 23rd, 2009 at 5:44 am

In a sign that at least someone in this current age of digital walls, “protection schemes”, and a weird displays of some anti-internet mentality, a report based on a survey conducted by Canadian Telco, Telus, reveals that three-fourths of Canadian children are “internet savvy” by age 7. Out of the 4,466 participants, a full 69% believed that an early grasp of technology is a must in todays world. A notable admission to make! The report goes on saying that repetitious percentages aside, Canadians see the internet as more than just an entertainment medium. To them, the internet is a crucial part of daily life and how they communicate with friends and family. The internet, as the report claims, “has the ability to strengthen relationships and bring people closer together”. Also of interest from the survey, only 18% of respondents admitted to face-to-face contact with voice/phone communication taking a whopping 60%. Of course, with the spread of mobile phones these days, such a claim isn’t hard to imagine.

One particular thing that interests me is the fact that this survey was conducted online only, which will obviously as one could assume, present a larger, unrealistic view of “internet savviness” potentially skewing the results. What would the report reveal if the survey were conducted through not only an internet based model, but also print, phone, and possibly even TV? Such questions batter my brain. Am I alone?

**Survey conducted by Ipsos Reed


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