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    Who came up with this idea anyway WHAT ! NO NO it couldnt have been the anti glare filter companies because they dont workk outside you and I are so smart we already know this RIGHT ? OH WAIT it was one of those half shell computer shade companies RIGHT NO NO they couldnt because they let in the other 50% of the glare onto the screen . I GOT IT it was one of those pesky tech writers who only want you to buy what they tell you to buy AHHH wait no its not cool enough for them . I GOT IT the computer companies you just spent all that money on they must be the ones NOOOOOO it couldnt be them because they stop working at the door to the out doors !!!!!! AH I KNOW it was an end user that came up with it ! YEP it was

    Are you like I was tired of all the high tech bunk your being sold as a bill of goods that YOU AND I BOTH KNOW WONT WORK OUTSIDE! GEEK SHEET is more than just the sheet off your bed . It’s a custom tailer made computer shade that blocks out 100% of the glare on your computer . High end breathable fabric designed to reflect the suns rays which is light weight and works with any computer. Dont worry yourself with bullies like “Mike” he can stay in his cardboard box all his life thinking hes the cool one. Get out of the office get your work done while on vacation. Who cares what anyone else thinks Geek Sheet “will out perform ANY computer shade or anti glare filter on the planet “!

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    World’s most useless "invention": The <del>standard bed sheet</del> Laptop Burka Read more at Gadgetsteria.com :http://bit.ly/10qmkH

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