Strive for some of the best sound money can buy? How about $107,000/pair loudspeakers?

by Mike
Posted September 28th, 2009 at 1:11 pm


I love music. Part of that love is finding the best possible sound quality I can…that which my budget allows anyway. However, if money were no object, these particular loudspeakers by YG Acoustics would be somewhere near the top. To many, the thought of spending even 1/16th the amount a pair of YG’s latest Anat Reference II Professional loudspeakers cost ($107,000 USD) is outrageous. But ask any audiophile, cost does not matter one bit. In essence it’s a lot like photography and professional photographers. When purchasing new equipment, they don’t even ask the cost. If it will make their pictures, (in this case music) look better, than by all means, melt that credit card. But even the most stringent audiophiles will feel their bank account weep with the stratospheric price tag that the Anat Reference II’s dish out.

According to YG Acoustics, the usable frequency range these giants produce extends from below an earth trembling 20 Hz all the way up to a dog exploading, bat killing 40 kHz with +/- 1dB. But sound alone doesn’t make these the “giants” of the loudspeaker world. The physical presence these loudspeakers take is quite astonishing. Weighing in at a tad over 440 lbs., standing 6ft. tall, and crafted out of aircraft grade 6061-T651 aluminum means these won’t fade into the background of your humble abode like those cute little speakers at Best Buy will. Not only will you hear these speakers, you will most certainly see them as well.

Again, the price tag will keep these out of reach for most of the human race. But if you’re the type that has pockets deep enough to reach through to China, then by all means splurge a little. If you have to even question the price tag or try to “reason” yourself into even thinking about spending that much money on a pair of sound output devices then you simply don’t get it. It’s ok. You’re not alone in this world.


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