From the department of “that was fast”: PSPgo already gets a price drop…

  • October 6, 2009 7:19 am

If you thought Sony’s pricing on the PSP Go was say…a bit overpriced, you wouldn’t be alone. Not by a long shot. The biggest culprit that is causing people to feel like the PSP Go is a lack of value is the botched trade-in program that was to let old PSP/3000 users trade in physical media for certificates or cards for digital copies. Of course, a smaller screen, identical internal specs, and the inclusion of sub standard specs (WiFi b we’re looking at you) rounds out a wholly bland release on Sony’s part. Not to mention, spending a few minutes on Google will garner a fair amount of reviews bashing the unit for high price and low value as well.

Because of the specs listed above and the problems associated with them, many thought since the PSP Go was a PSP-lite of sorts that the price tag would accurately reflect that belief. We should all know Sony by now…

If you’re not quite down with the current price, look no further than the internet for wallet relief. Many big name online retailers including Amazon, Play, HMV and GAME are strong arming Sony’s over inflated price. In many places in the UK, Sony’s “new” gadget is going for under £200 in the UK! Quite the deal. Though many would again claim that’s what is should have been from the start. Have you taken the dive and purchased a PSP Go? Happy/Sad? How cheap did you pick it up for. Oh…do share.

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