If you just so happen to live in India and were looking forward to the December 7th deadline for 3G spectrum auctions not because you cared at all about the auction but were more excited what it was going to bring, you’re going to go to bed a sad camper tonight. A Raja, India’s telecom minister has publicly announced that they will in fact miss the December deadline. If you’re looking for someone to blame, point your fingers at the DoT. They were supposed release documents pertaining to the whole 3G shebang, auction included, that detailed how everything was to go down by September 29th. As you can guess, they didn’t. Because of this late timing and move to “rush” this auction along, the military whom occupies certain airwaves to be auctioned is taking their sweet time vacating the allotted airwaves meaning you, the consumer, get screwed.

I guess if you want to salvage some good news from this you can take comfort in knowing that the delay shouldn’t last more than two months. But then again AT&T was supposed to release U.S. iPhone MMS in “late summer” and Sony was supposed to offer PSP Go users a UMD trade-in program for digital downloads. Ya, those worked out really well…

Still, we have to be optimistic.

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