Shed tears for dead Discovery Channel/Sharper Image-esque stores no more as Best Buy will pick up the slack themselves, going full on geeky. While gadget lovers have a draw to the store in its current form do to the smorgishboard of electronics waiting to be touched and toyed with, Best Buy is taking the next step with a new section appropriately named “Gadgets & eReaders”.

The new section will be situated beside current music and movie sections and feature everything from the latest range of eReaders to gadgets of all kinds from a resurrected Sharper Image line. That’s right. The Sharper Image novelty geek gifts are coming back. Such things as iPod/iPhond accessories, shower safe gadgets, massage chairs of all kinds, kids gadgets and more will soon be making an appearance at the big box electronics retailer.

Being a full blooded geek, I can’t wait for this section to debut at my local Best Buy. I can already spend a good hour in there playing with stuff. Now I’ll have an even better excuse for disappearing inside the store for half a day at a time. Anyone else the slightest bit geeked?

The new sections should begin appearing this Sunday, October 11th, coupled with a fairly large amount of in-store marketing to hype up the new section in preparations for the holiday season. Also debuting with the new in-store sections will be a new spot dedicated on Best Buy’s website dedicated solely to gadgets at:

Oh gadget gods bless me now…

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